My birthday Meme 11/07/1978

Ok so it isn’t my birthday, don’t worry you,ve not missed it, I got tagged by mummyscheekysmonkey  and AlwaysAmummy in this birthday meme and i can’t wait to find out more about my birth date. It was originally started by Kate over at The Five Fs and her intention is to get a post submitted for every day of the year so please once you’ve taken part head over to her site and link up.

On my birthday

1.When is your birthday?

11th July 1978

2. Pick three people who share your birthday and share what you know about them.

Giorgio Armani – Fashion Designer – Perfected the 80’s Power Suit

Mark Lester – Actor – Famous for his appearance as ‘Oliver’

Leon Spinks – Boxer – Olymoic Boxing Champion

3. Is anyone listed as being born on the same day as you (ie the same year)? If so, what do you know about them?

Josh Berresford – Actor – role to date is that of an eerie serial killer in the short film Take Out

Brian Leauma – Samoan Rugby player

hasney Aljofree – English footballer who started his career at Manchester United as a defender

I knew nothing of these guys until i did a google search!

4. List three people who died on your birthday and tell us what you know about them.

Gretchen Franklin – Actress – Ethel from Eastenders

Lady Bird Johnson – First Lady – Wife if US President Lyndon Baines Johnson

Savannah – Pornstar – Saturday Night Fever

4.List three notable events that took place on your birthday.

Waterloo railway Station opens 11/07/1848

A boeing 747 crashes into a hilly terrain in Cuenca, Equador, claiming 119 lives 11/07/1983

It snowed in Romford, Essex  in the ‘year there was no summer’  11/07/1816

5.Tell us about a holiday that falls on your birthday.

World Population Day is an annual event, observed on July 11, which seeks to raise awareness of global population issues

There you go, the history of my birth date.

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