Moshling Series 9 Countdown No.9 Pipsi






Name and Species: Pipsi the Fizzical Phewberry

Personality: Obsessive, driven, energetic.

Mini Bio: Ready for a workout? Good because Fizzical Phewberries are obsessed with keeping fit. Whether it’s star jumps at breakfast time, push-ups in the park or touching toes at teatime, these sweet Moshlings are always encouraging the citizens of Monstro City to stay active.

Habitat: You’ll always find a few Fizzical Phewberries working out in Bubba’s Gym but they are rumoured to come from Cardiofornia.

Likes: Star jumps and exercise videos.

Dislikes: Sitting around and carbs before bedtime.


Rank: 158

Rarity: Ultra Rare


What the boys think: She is very sweet Badoom! They boys say that she is most like them as they both like to keep active, and they would love to do an exercise video with Pipsi, but they are not sure they would be able to keep up with her,

Countdown so far:

Series 9 is looking like a very interesting series full of funny and funky characters! Stay tuned every day until 14th February when all of the moshlings series 9 characters will be revealed, with a special little surprise at the end.

We have been provided with the series 9 characters for the purpose of this countdown


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