Moshling Series 9 Countdown No.8 Shimmy






Name and Species: Shimmy the Selfish Shellfish

Personality: Rash, petty, puerile.

Mini Bio: Have you ever tried saying ‘Selfish Shellfish’ really fast with a mouthful of soggy sand? If you have it’s probably because one of these silly Moshlings made you do it in exchange for some of the magical rainbow pearls it burps up every now and then.

Habitat: Clamshell Cove but you will sometimes find these ocean-going Moshlings hiding in treasure chests.

Likes: Valley Mermaids and lip balm.

Dislikes: Lemon pips and bottom feeders.

Rank: 162

Rarity: Common


What the boys think: Selfish Shellfish, Selfish Shellfish, Selfish Shellfish Selfish Shellfish lol Yes the boys are now running around chanting this tongue twister! They are now trying to perfect it so that they can get some rainbow pearls from Shimmy. The boys all think that this character is the funniest, but maybe very rude, he looks like he is about to blow a raspberry at you, hehe!

Countdown so far:

Series 9 is looking like a very interesting series full of funny and funky characters! Stay tuned every day until 14th February when all of the moshlings series 9 characters will be revealed, with a special little surprise at the end.

We have been provided with the series 9 characters for the purpose of this countdown


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