Moshling Series 9 Countdown No.15 Wuzzle



NO. 16



Name and Species: Wuzzle the Wandering Wumple

Personality: Sage, profound, nomadic.

Mini Bio: These wise little Moshlings have been roaming the world of Moshi, imparting wisdom while searching for somewhere to settle, ever since they fled their mystery homeland following the Great Custard Flood of 99999.5. Most Wandering Wumples carry a magical heart-shaped charm that glows whenever a fellow Wumple is nearby.

Habitat: Here, there and everywhere.

Likes: Hokey quotes and nude meditation.

Dislikes: Bustle and fast food.

Rank: 153

Rarity: Rare


What the boys think: Jak says that Wuzzle reminds him of a Japanese cartoon character and thinks he is quite cool. Wuzzle is Jak’s favourite so far.

Countdown so far:

NO.17 Willow

No.16 Cleetus

No.15 Wuzzle

Stay tuned to find out what the other characters from series 9 are, I will be revealing a new one every day up untill 14 February


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