Moshling Series 9 Countdown No.13 Twaddle

We’re loving the characters that we have revealed so far in the Moshi Monsters Moshling countdown, but today’s one has to be the funniest so far! As I am a lover of biscuits, I am totally in love with this guy, as I too do not like the rising costs of them lol




Introducing Twaddle the Waddling Floffle


Name and Species: Twaddle the Waddling Floffle

Personality: Frivolous, sappy, soppy.

Mini Bio: No, it’s not a fat bat, it’s a Waddling Floffle! Famed for their sap-slurping exploits, these beanstalk-bothering Moshlings will do anything for a sip of sap, especially if it’s enchanted because it helps their titchy wings lift their tubby bodies off the ground. But not for long. Thump!

Habitat: You might see one fluttering around an enchanted beanstalk but most Waddling Floffles fall from the sky. Don’t ask why!

Likes: Enchanted sap and barbecued ladybird wings.

Dislikes: Greenfly and the rising cost of biscuits.


Rank: 157

Rarity: Ultra Rare

What the boys think: Jak says that he thinks twaddle is cute, and would like to help them to climb up the beanstalks to get them to the top. Oliver thinks Twaddle looks like a bird, and Joseph says that he is definitely a Bat as he has fangs.

Countdown so far:

Series 9 is looking like a very interesting series full of funny and funky characters! Stay tuned until 14th February when all of the moshlings series 9 characters will be revealed, with a little surprise at the end. One character will be revealed every day until the 14th

We have been provided with the series 9 characters for the purpose of this countdown


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