Moshi Monster Moshling Zoo Review

Do your children collect the moshi monster moshlings?

Do they need somewhere to store their little collection?

Well! look no further, I have the answer to your moshling storage problems, well not me exactly but vivid imaginations do.

The Moshi Monster Zoo is the perfect place for your children to display their favourite moshling collections in. It’s a little open front square cabinet, measuring at 8″x8″, which has spaces for up to 12 moshling characters. The zoo comes with a sheet of moshling name stickers, once your child has chosen a home for their moshling to stay they can find its name on the sheet of stickers and peel it off and place it underneath the space. Aswell as the zoo and the stickers you will get an ultra rare moshling to start off your zoo collection with. Although there is only 12 spaces you will find that there is a secret compartment where you can hide your very special moshlings, just lift up the roof and there it is!

My son Joseph has just started to get into Moshi Monsters and has been collecting series 2 & 3 for the past month. Each pack contains two moshlings in them along with a secret code on a collectible card, which can be used on the online moshi game on the

I had one very happy, ecstatic little boy when he opened up his parcel that was delivered to him. He instantly ran off in search of his little moshi collection so he could place them into his zoo, his big brother helped him as i am totally lost with ‘who is who’ in the moshling world, Jak found the name stickers for the moshling characters that Joseph had and stuck under the room that Joseph wanted his moshlings to live. At the back of each little space there is a background picture, for example he chose to put McNulty in the space that had a picture of a kennel in it (as i am told that McNulty is a dog)

We found that the sheet of stickers doesn’t have any names of the moshlings from series 3 but there is spare stickers that you can write on the characters names, which we had to do. On the roof there is a space where you can write your child’s name on, so we made it official and wrote Joseph’s name on it, he loves that he has his very own personalised Moshling zoo and even takes up to bed with him at night time, he stores it in the box that it came in and places it next to his bed, too cute!

You can open up the roof and store your favourite moshlings in so they can be safe and secure from your big brother or sister, Joseph’s word not mine lol! He has his ultra rare Dustbin Beaver in there at the moment and he says that it will always be in there as he has to keep him a secret and hide him away from the bad guys called the ‘Glumps’.

Joseph and his big brother Jak has spent hours sitting in their bedroom playing with the Moshling Zoo, using the good guys to fight away the bad ones, making up new games and i found it very useful when tidying up their room as he nows has somewhere to store his collection and is definitely saving my little feet from receiving any new bruises from stepping on them. It has been a big hit with my boys and they love playing with it.

Disclaimer – I was sent a Moshling Zoo to review, i have not been paid for this post and my opinions are of my own and my children.

Thank you for reading my post 🙂


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