Morning rush = Shreddie backside

I am always in a rush in the mornings and no matter how much earlier I get up it seems the later I am.
I wake a 6:45 giving myself one hour and 45 minutes to dress myself and the boys, get breakfast ready, feed the baby, prepare the packed lunches for children and daddy, gather the boys book bags up and pack the baby’s changing bag with spare nappies and wipes. I think this is enough time but obviously not as every morning I battle with my four year old to get him dressed, most of the time I walk out of the house with out brushing my hair, the baby decides that the best time to fill his nappy up with a dodo is just as I am getting his coat on, I can’t find their reading books so I search the house top to bottom for them and shoes get put on the wrong feet as I am rushing to get ready.

Well this morning was no exception, I rushed around the house doing everything I even managed to wash out the skin with bleach while I was brushing my teeth just to save time later on in the day.
The last thing i did before leaving the house was dress the baby on the living room floor.
We walked to school as normal, which takes us about 10 minutes especially as we are rushing along. We got into the playground just as they were opening up the door and as the boys were collecting their lunch boxes from under the buggy one of the other mums and a friend of mine said ‘you have something on your bottom!’
I looked and there on my right cheek of my black trouser leg was a squashed in shreddie
I had walked all the way to school and stood in the playground surrounded by lots of people with a squashed shreddie on my backside, all because I tried to cut corners and dress the baby on the floor instead of taking him upstairs to save time.
A big thank you to my friends for not letting me spend the rest of the day with it stuck there especially as I was in school today reading with the children.
Thank You!


2 thoughts on “Morning rush = Shreddie backside

  1. Ha, that’s so funny. I often find snot and yoghurt on my shoulder. How you get three boys ready in the morning, I’ll never know. I struggle with just one.

    1. Oh I have sick on my shoulder but I know about lol most of the time I wander around the house in search of the horrible sicky aroma I can smell and then find out that it’s actually mr that stinks x

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