More Tea Vicar

Here is a great game for young and old to play.

Quite a few years ago while holidaying in Feuterventura, at the hotel we stayed in they had a game for children to play every night called ‘More Tea Vicar’, my son who was 4 at the time absolutely loved it, he still talks about it now 5 years on.
Every night at 6 o’clock he would hear from our apartment the compere welcoming the other hotel guests into the clubhouse and announcing that bingo would be starting in 15 minutes, he knew then that the game would begin after bingo so he would look at me and his dad, with his little puppy dog eyes and ask us if we could take him downstairs to watch ‘More Tea Vicar’. And every night when they asked for a challenger to take on the King or Queen (whoever won from the previous night) his little hand would shoot up, after about 8 days he got his chance. He didn’t win unfortunately but he had loads of fun and had everyone in the room cheering him on.

“well, what is this game” I hear you say.

What you will need

1/ 2 Participants to play the game
2/ A pot of tea
3/ Cups or Mugs
4/ A selection of Biscuits

Object of the Game

To dunk your biscuits into your cup of tea and outdunk your opponent, the person with a FULL Biscuit left is the winner!

1/ Place your two participants at a table opposite each other
2/ Pour out 2 cups of tea and place them in front of them
3/ Select 2 biscuits from you biscuit barrel, they must be different and give them to the game players


4/ Hold the biscuits above the cup of tea and at the count of 3 dunk them fully into your cup of Tea, count down from 5 ( if children playing just check that the tea isn’t too hot)


6/ 5 4 3 2 1 pull the biscuits out if the cup of tea, see if the biscuit is intact, if they both are give them a bit of a wiggle, if no change Dunk again From the count of 5. Keep doing this until there is a winner



We played our game with a Rich Shortie versus a Custard Cream.

Winner : Rich Shortie

Why don’t you play the game and tell me what biscuit is your winner?


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