Moca-Do-Poo Bird Book Review

I am always encouraging my boys to read books.
Jak is very good at reading and when he enjoys a book, wether it be a fact or fiction, he doesn’t put it down until he’s finished it.
Joseph, being 4 years old is learning how to read. He understands that he has to sound out the letters and blend them together to be able to read the word.

So when I had the chance to review a children’s book, I jumped at it.

The book is called Moca-Do-Poo Bird written by Alisdair Adie.
The book is a children’s story for ages 3-6.
It is a charming tale of brother and sister, Sam and Daisy, while visiting their nan they are bored, she tells them about the talking Moca-Do-Poo Bird that lives at the bottom her garden, so off they go in search for him.
Once They find the bird they quickly realise that they are lost so the Moca-Do-Poo Bird leads them back to their Nan’s house via the homestream which is a wonderful, magical hidden place where all the animals can talk, here they embark on an adventure to find a new task for the Moca-Do-Poo Bird because every animal living in the Homestream needs one. Along the way they meet the birds animal friends, frogs, ducks, and mice who all need his help.

The story is charming, funny, adventurous, creative, it teaches children about friendship and being helpful.
The illustrations are bright, colourful and funny.


Joseph really enjoyed it when the Bird shouted
‘Moca-Do-Poo Moca-Do-Poooooo’ as it made him laugh and he liked to join in with the bird by shouting along with him.
I liked how it challenged Jak with his expression of speech when reading the book aloud as the bird had a lisp and he took delight in doing this.
They found it to be sad when they found out about the Moca-do-poo not having any family and genuinely felt sorry for him but quickly realised that his friends were his family.

It was a delightful book to read to the children and the story had them asking questions and guessing all the way through. They thoroughly enjoyed the story and have talked about it non stop.

Today they have been to the bottom of our garden looking for the Moca-Do-Poo Bird and hoping that they will find a magical land. The book taught my children about the land of make believe, where anything is possible. The story is great bedtime read and would leave happy thoughts for your children to have wondrous imaginative dreams.


You can find more information about this book here

You can also find the author on twitter @Mocadopoo



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  1. His face is a picture!!! LL has over a hundred books so will not be buying her anymore for a while! But I quite fancy this one myself lol x

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