Mini Chef #365

Today we was all treated to a very tasty meal cooked by the one and only Jak!

Jak has lately been getting into cooking and baking so I bought him his first cook book ‘Annabel’s Kitchen’ he decided to cook a meal for his us all whilst we are staying at Nanny’s house.

He chose to do Fruity Chicken Korma with Sultana Naan Bread, he done all the prep, cooking and tasting himself!

He started preparing at 3:15pm and we sat down to eat at 6:00pm, it took him a while to cook the meal but it was definitely worth the wait.

When he was slicing up the ingredients he put them into bowls in order of going into the pan and he added garlic which wasn’t in the recipe.

The Korma was gorgeously yummy, coconuty with a little spice to it and the Naan breads were lovely and puffy.


My boy done me proud again today 🙂


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