Memory Box for 2012

I recently came across pin on Pinterest about putting memories made throughout the year into a jar and then reading them out on New Years Eve (thanks to Mummyadventure for pinning it on her board) I thought this was a lovely idea and a brilliant way of remembering the wonderful things you have done and places you have been to. How lovely it would be to read through everyones memories for the year on New Years Eve and remembering with laughter and tears.

It’s too late now to do the jar for this year but it is definitely something we will doing throughout the year in 2013!

Instead we have decided to do a memory box, where we will all write down our top 5 memories and place them into the box, them memories will stay there forever. Maybe we can bury it in the garden or keep it pride of place in our livingroom, so we can look back at our amazing year of 2012 during the following year.

We made our box from an empty Ferrero Rocher tub and decorated it with some printed paper and wrote Memories 2012 on the lid.

20121231-193401.jpg 20121231-193410.jpg 20121231-193417.jpg 20121231-193426.jpg

I have got so many good memories from this year that it is going to be hard to choose my top 5:

The year has been an amazing one for my boys and there acting, Jak making an appearance on Call the Midwife and Rude Tube, Joseph being on ELC adverts on Nick Jr and Thomas the Tank Engine and Oliver making it into the final cut of the Cow & Gate Supergroup Advert

Daddy participating in the London Triathlon,

Our amazing holiday to Cornwall, visiting the gorgeous stunning beaches and enjoying the sun,

Watching the Olympics and Paralympics live in the Olympic Park and on the streets of London,

Me getting a job in the boys school as a classroom assistant after being a SAHM for 10 years! 

Attending the LolliBop Festival in Regents Park, I loved seeing the boys so excited, happy and having lots of fun,

My blog doing so well and all the amazing opportunities it has brought with it,

Well there you go i don’t think i am going to be able to pick my top 5 so i think i may have to change it to my top 10 🙂

What are your top highlights of 2012?


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