Mark Warner Family Active Challenge Week 3 – Get Sporty

It’s week 3 of the Mark Warner Family Active Challenge and this week it’s get Sporty, the boys are very sporty participating in many sports weekly so this week has been a good one them. Me on the other hand, am not very sporty in fact i don’t compete in any sports whatsever! My life is very busy with working and looking after the family so i hardly have time to join a club or take up a sport although if walking with the buggy or ironing was a sport i would be very good at it!

Jak loves all types of sport and enjoys a little competitiveness but he is also a very good team player, he has played football with a team since he was 5, he has just taken up badminton and he likes to go out running.


There is one sport that he has been pestering me to start and that is Tennis, so i raided the garden shed and found a couple of rackets and a ball and thought that it would be good for Jak and I to play together. We don’t normally do active sporty things together that’s Dad’s job and i usually just sit at the side and watch and i haven’t played tennis since i was a teenager.

Just behind Jak’s Drama club there are some lovely big tennis courts, so we arrived at Drama an hour before it started and made our way to the courts.


Joseph was our ball boy so he sat at the side and ran after the ball when it went out of the court which happened quite a bit for me lol.


He said he was the manager as well shouting out where we was going wrong and giving us a running commentary on what we was doing, he was making us laugh. I can’t quite remember the rules of the game but it didn’t matter as we had fun just hitting the ball to each other, we started with seeing how long we could keep the ball up in the air for and then Jak was getting a little bit competitive and was trying to hit the ball away from me so i would have to run for it, I think i shocked him a few times as i got to the ball in time to hit it back to him catching him out!


We managed to keep the ball up 8 times in total, not many i know but not bad for the first time and when we eventually played a game after all the messing around, I can announce that i won although i think Jak will say he did! 😉




Playing Tennis with my son was really enjoyable, we laughed together and had lots of fun, we got to spend some quality time with each other whilst we was keeping fit and staying healthy. Jak has asked if we can do it every week and i think that it will definitely be something that we will be taking up as a family. Jak said that it was the first time in along time that he has seen me enjoy myself and have fun, i did feel relaxed and i did really enjoy it.

As Joseph is 5 years old he was a bit too small to play the game, he could even see over the net, bless him! so i taught him how to hit the ball with the bat, he done really well and i have promised a game of rounders this week so he can get some more practice into hitting the ball with a racket.


Next week is Take To The Water! What will you get up to? Join in on Twitter and share with us a photo o what you are doing to stay active with the family use the hashtag #mwactive

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4 thoughts on “Mark Warner Family Active Challenge Week 3 – Get Sporty

  1. What a great way to spend the day, keeping fit, having fun and spending quality time with the family. I can’t wait to see what the water challenge will entail next week. Thanks for linking up to Country Kids.

  2. Sounds like your gorgeous boys were having a lot of fun, we were blessed with a gorgeous weather this weekend, so it should be easier to “Get Sporty”. Looking forward to “Take to the Water” next week.
    Hope you have an enjoyable bank holiday weekend! 🙂 x

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