Making your own Chocolate Egg Slabs


These chocolate Easter Egg Slabs are an ideal activity for the children to do over the Easter weekend, only do they get to make and decorate them but they also get to eat them too.


You will need:

  • Bars of chocolate to melt (we bought the cheap bars from Tesco)
  • Baking greaseproof paper
  • Sweets to decorate
  • Writing icing pens
  • Hundreds and thousands
  • Marshmallows or dried fruit
  • Popping candy


First lay out your greaseproof paper and draw an oval shape on it

Next melt the chocolate

Spoon the melted chocolate onto the greaseproof paper and using the back of the spoon move the chocolate around to make the shape of an egg, using the oval shape as a guide


Now all you have to do is decorate it in any way you wish too. My boys used the icing pens to make patterns with and then added on marshmallows, dried banana, popping candy, strawberry candy, rainbow drops, hundreds and thousands and chocolate chips.20140419-111300.jpg

Once decorated leave to set on the side or in the fridge

Now they are ready to eat or give as an Easter gift


If you make them let me know how you get on and how you decorated them

Happy Easter Everyone 🙂


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