Make your lunchboxes Mighty with Walkers Mighty Lights

With 2 weeks left of the summer holidays we have started to think of buying the boys there pack lunch boxes for school and as Oliver goes to a childminder whilst i am at work he couldn’t be left out either. School dinners costing £2.00 per meal it would cost me £20.00 for the week for the two elder boys and i still have to make lunch for the younger one so it just suits me and my budget to make a pack up for them all, including myself!

A balanced pack lunch box should contain

  • Starch foods for energy – Bread, rice, potatoes and pasta
  • Protein Foods for your muscles and organs – Meat, fish, eggs or beans
  • Dairy – cheese, yoghurt or milk drink
  • Vegetables or a portion of fruit.

I am always on the look out for new and exciting items of food to put into their lunch bags, i don’t like to give them chocolate bars and i like to think i pack them quite a healthy selection of food that they will actually eat whilst in school and not throw away in the nearest bin. It’s not the sandwich fillers or fruit ideas that i need help on but the snacks, not only do they need to be healthy but great tasting too. I’m careful as to what type of crisp i give them as i don’t want them to fill themself up on a packet of crisp and not eat any of their sandwhich or fruit. I think i may have found a solution!

Walkers Mighty Lights are the new ridged crisps on the block, with 30% less fat and made from real potatoes with no artificial colours and preservatives they are light and tasty. Mighty Lights come in three different flavours, Cheese and Onion, Lightly salted and Roast Chicken, all of the flavours are suitable for vegetarians and the crisps are also a source of fibre.



We received a six-pack multipack in each flavour to try out and with one look from the boys they couldn’t wait to taste them. My boys are definitely not shy when it comes to eating food and if their is something new to try they are the first to point them out in the supermarket quickly followed by placing the food into the trolley.

We have had a few days out at the park and up London since receiving the crisps so i threw in a few bags of the crisps in to a bag along with some sandwiches and fruit for us to eat whilst we were there. When we go into London the first thing the boys say when we board on to the train is “What’s to eat Mum?” Our lunch never makes it off of the train! I hand the boys the crisps and wait to hear what they have to say about them, first i get “OOh, these are new!” Then i get “Oh, these are nice” and then i get Silence! Yes, they must be enjoying them as they are not talking but eating lol I hear a few ‘mmmmms’ and ‘num num’ from the youngest one so i believe that they are a hit!

Superman is Mighty
Superman is Mighty

20130824-082136.jpgOliver liked dipping his crisps into cream cheese and as they are ridged he found it easy to get them into the tub and they didn’t break when he was trying to get some cheese onto them.

Walkers Mighty Lights may be light in fat but they are mighty in taste! The boys said they were very tasty, flavoursome, crispy, crunchy and smooth in taste.

Mighty Lights are available in multipacks from all major grocery retailers.

This is a sponsored Review for Walkers, thoughts and opinions are of my own.


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