Last Night!

Last night salty tears rolled down my cheeks
Last night I cried tears of happiness
Last night I had shivers run down my spine
Last I was excited
Last night I witnessed something that I thought I could only dream of
Last night I beamed with pride
Last night I saw dedication and commitment

As I sat there in that huge room and saw you I felt as if I was the only person in the room, that it was me you was looking at!
As your small frame enters on the stage amongst the others, with so much confidence and refinery
You shone like a star to me
Others may had missed your cheeky little smile and the way you fiddled with your feet, but I was so transfixed with you that I didn’t miss a thing

Last night I beamed the biggest grin
Last night made me the happiest person ever
Last night I witnessed a boy turn into a young man, as you guided others near to you
Last night I saw how much you want this to happen
Last night I saw someone different to my little boy

As you stood there smiling and walking around on stage, I turned my head and look around myself! I saw thousands of eyes staring at you, I saw people enjoying what you were doing, I wanted to stand up amongst them and shout “That’s my boy! Up there!” The one you are all watching, the one you are all smiling at!

Last night I was the proudest mummy ever!
Last night I sat among others and watched you act your little heart out, without any words
Last night I watched my boy perform up the Westend!

Jak, you are an amazing boy! Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise!
You and your brothers have made me so proud
You are kind and caring
You are strong and loving
You are intelligent and committed
You are my son!


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