Keeping cool in the sun! Sunshine kids stroller fan

The past week has been lovely and hot, whilst us adults know when we are hot that we can just take off our cardigans or dress in light weight clothes, young babies do not know why they are feeling uncomfortable and sticky.

Although i have been dressing Oliver in cotton vests and little shorts or little thin all in one romper suits, i know he still gets all sweaty especially in his pram. He has a great gadget attached to his pushchair that my mummy bought him when he was a week old as he was born in the summer last year. I have been stopped by young and old in the streets everywhere i go, people pointing at the buggy and saying ‘Isn’t that great’, ‘Oh look at him’ and ‘Wow, what a great idea’. Well i would like to say it was my idea but it wasn’t, they were all pointing at Oliver’s little fan. Yes he has his own little fan to help him keep cool on hot days, It has a clamp so that it can be attached to his buggy and a bendable neck so that it can be moved about, It’s safe and truly brilliant. The blades of the fan are secured behind a little cage so little fingers can not get stuck on them, and it’s not very strong either, it’s just perfect for little children and makes trips outdoors more fun, enjoyable and comfortable.

We bought our fan which is by Sunshine Kids from our local babycare shop but you can but the same one from babyhuddle for just under £10. They really are very useful and will keep your little ones cool in the summer.

Thank you to the super Mamasaurus post on how to add labels to images, i found it very helpful and easy to follow and its how I made my image above of Oliver with his fan.


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