Katsuma Unleashed Trailer for DS & 3DS

I have fabulous news to share with you all, The boys and I have been selected to become Moshi Monsters Bloggers Ambassadors.

All three of my boys are Moshi Monster mad, they love to collect Moshlings, anything to do with Moshi Monsters really even down to having the brilliant Moshi wallpaper up in their bedroom, so they are over the moon to be chosen to join the programme.

As part of being on the Moshi Monster ambassador programme we get to bring to you some brilliant news and a sneek preview of the new katsuma unleashed game, We are giving you the chance to have an exclusive first look at the trailer. Following on from the success of their previous DS games Moshlings Zoo and Moshi Theme Park, Mind Candy have announced a new game “Katsuma Unleashed” for the DS and 3DS.

“Katsuma Unleashed is a side-scrolling, action-adventure platform game rendered in a beautiful 3D cartoon style and designed to appeal to Moshi fans of all ages across the globe. In a move away from the previous two titles, the game will feature stand-alone hero character Katsuma.

As the franchise’s most popular Moshi Monster, players will embark on a voyage with Katsuma through brand new worlds packed with mini arcade challenges and boss battles.

Along the way, Katsuma will have to battle enemy characters using powerful new capabilities, including Furi’s Smash and Diavlo’s Flight, in order to rescue other Moshi Monsters – fur will certainly fly!

Another exciting feature available in the 3DS version of Katsuma Unleashed is StreetPass™* secrets – 18 huge, explorable maps and monster attack games where users get to play as each of the Moshi Monsters, each with their own unique set of moves.”

So what do you think? Exciting eh! Katsuma is one of Josephs favourite Moshi characters and he would love to play this game, he says it looks really cool! Joseph has a Katsuma teddy that he sleeps with every night so he can not wait to go on an adventure with Katsuma to Moshi Picchu to defeat his arch enemies and rescue his Moshi friends.

The game is currently planned to appear in stores on the 11th October 2013

This is not a sponsored post, it brought to you as part of the ambassador programme.


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