Jungle Chums partybag fillers with Yellowmoon

What do you put into your children’s party bags?

I always like to put fun and unusual stuff into my boys, there is always a packet of sweets, a toy and some stationery, either an eraser or a pencil.

Whatever age you are, everybody loves a bit of stationery!

Boy, girl, young or old we all need a bit of stationary in our lives. My boys love it, whether it is a pencil or a notebook they love to receive new ones. There are a few times a year when the boys receive a big parcel full of stationary from yellowmoon, the online children’s craft shop where you can buy crafts activities and supplies, party bag fillers, toys, games and themed craft packs.

Everyone knows party bags are the most important part of a celebration, and with the Jungle Chums collection it will be more than easy to create party favours to remember. Choose from a huge variety to please even the fussiest of guests! Ranging from erasers and pencil sets to bouncy balls and bendy jungle animals.

In our box we received

  • Jungle Chums 4 pc Stationery Set (pack of 4) £4.80 includes a ruler, pencil, sharpener and eraser
  • Jungle Chums Biff Bats (pack of 8)  £2.99
  • Jungle Chums Tattoos (pack of 24)  £1.80
  • Bendy Jungle Animals (Pack of 4)  £1.80
  • Jungle Chums Memo Pads (Pack of 8)  £2.40
  • Jungle Chums Magic Slates (Pack of 8)  £2.50
  • Jungle Chums Erasers (pack of 8)  £1.60
  • Jungle Chums pencil Case (pack of 4)  £4.80
  • Jungle Chums Glitter Jet Balls (pack of 8)  £2.65

The Jungle Chums comes in 4 assorted designs Hippo, Monkey, Lion and Snake all of which are colourful and bright. Each design is fun to look at with a big smiley animal looking back at you.


Joseph quickly chose his favourite character set which was the Snake, we put together a little stationery set for him including the pencil case with the pencil set, 2 memo pads, bouncy ball and a bendy animal. He also picked the snake slate board to go with his pencil case of goodies, he said he will put them into his book bag for school but they are not allowed to take their own stationery into school so i told him to keep it at home so he can use it to do his homework.



It’s a shame that the boys have had all of their birthdays already as the set that Joseph has would have made lovely little gifts to give to party guests. I have made up a similar one for Oliver so that he can take it to the childminder with him during the week.

The bendy animals are a bit weird and we wasn’t sure what to do with them but Joseph had a brilliant idea and said that they would make a great book mark for when he his reading his book.

If you had 8 children as guests to your party you could give each one a party bag gift of a biff bat, memo pad, eraser, glitter jet ball, a magic slate and 3 tattoos which would cost you for each child £1.54, not bad as sometimes i can pay out up to £4 on each child. Buying for party bags soon mounts up and i sometimes find that they are the most expensive part of throwing a party, i also buy prizes for children for the party games that we play so buying the stationery sets and at £4.80 for 4 would be ideal, that would be only £1.20 per prize!

We found these products to be of a good quality with a great selection, i would recommend that they are for the younger children because of the designs maybe for children up to the age of 8.

We have been sent these products to review as part of being a yellowmoon blogger, no payment has been received.



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