It’s Weaning Time!

My baby is now 6 months old and for the past couple of weeks now I have been slowly introducing food into his daily routine in particularly at dinner time. He sits and stares at us all while we are eating our food and they say that once your baby starts showing an interest in you while you eat it is the best time to introduce their first food.

As Oliver is now 6 months milk alone will not give him the nutrition and energy he needs to grow and become healthy.
Vitamins and minerals are essential fir your baby’s development and calcium and vitamin D helps there bones to become strong.

I started off, like I did with my elder two, by giving him smooth baby rice, which is a perfect food to start to wean with as it has a simple taste and texture and easy to digest. You mix the baby rice with your baby’s usual milk to make the quantity and texture that suits your baby, this Can be given to the baby from 4 months but health professionals will most likely recommend you not to give to you baby until they are 6 months. I personally believe that you will know when the time is right, like I said earlier on I started introducing it at 5 1/2 months old.
Oliver did not take to the taste of this very well, he just looked at me and frowned as if to say “Mummy, what is this” and spat the food out everywhere.
Now I know from previous experience of weaning that it can get very messy, babies only know how to swallow so their instinct is to gulp down the food just like they do with there milk. I’m quite sure more came out of his mouth that went in, this is only because he needs to familiarise himself to the new textures and tastes and he needs to learn how to get the food from the front of his mouth to the back in order to swallow it, after a few attempts he gets to grip with his swallowing.

I found that Oliver liked mashed up banana mixed with his milk much better than the baby rice.

I believe that babies need to taste a variety of foods to help develop their budding taste. I will allow him to taste foods that the family are eating as I am a strong believer that as he grows he will not be a fussy eater, he needs to experience different smells as well as textures and tastes.

We do get very messy and he loves to get his hands into the food now and then he sucks it off of his fingers.
Meal time can be a bit of battle with him as he is always trying to grab at the spoon or the bowl and the food ends up going everywhere.


He loves his food and since giving him
Solids it has helped tremendously with his reflux.

I am going to attempt at baby-led feeding now he is 6 months.
Baby-led weaning is when the baby sits with the family at mealtimes and given the same healthy food as everyone else but hey feed themselves with their hands.
I think Oliver will take to this part of the weaning very well!

Please share with me your experiences in weaning and what first food you fed your baby?
All advise appreciated


5 thoughts on “It’s Weaning Time!

  1. Happy Weaning, you sound far more confident than I did with Snoo (although, first baby etc). I found weaning so stressful, wish I’d known of Mummy bloggers like yourself to hold my had through it all back then!

  2. I did the same as you, rice for a few wks, gradually mixing in apple puree or banana etc. Then moved on to kind of baby led weaning, I’d let them pick at stuff but still gave purees of veg and fruit and some yougurt etc. Orson (my middle one) was mad for parsnip and apple puree and exceptionally lazy at feeding himself but Chester (youngest) was and still is like a hoover and demolishes everything in sight.
    Of course with my daughter Presley I had all the time in the world as she was my 1st, and I was also a lot more concerned about her food intake whereas 2nd and 3rd time I just let them be. Think thats the trick, don’t get stressed about it as they’re still having so much milk anyway.
    Have fun!

    1. Thank you for your comment. Your right weaning is a fun time for both parent and child, I love watching the expressions on his face when he tastes something new and I like to see him enjoying his food. 🙂 x

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