It’s a wrap 2/365


OK!  I may get into a little bit of trouble  sharing my day 2 photograph with you all on the blog, as we may have borrowed the local sign to hang above our door.
1. It was half hanging off of the railings
2. It will be removed tomorrow anyway as is the last day
3. We saved it from being blown around on the street which may have caused a major car collision
4. We’re very proud parents of our son who had the part of John in it
5. We’ve saved someone else the job tomorrow for taking it down, so they can take an extra long break

I apologise now if it offends anyone,  but no one was harmed in the taking of the banner.

It was my son’s last day today, performing as John in the local pantomime Peter Pan. We picked him up from the theatre this afternoon and on the way home Jak and I took a detour to the shops whilst Dad got busy with hanging up the sign so we could surprise jak when we got home.
We had a little party to celebrate his last day;  ate some food, danced to some music and played some party games.

We’re very proud of our big boy and just wanted to show him how much he makes us smile.

Thank you for reading 🙂


2 thoughts on “It’s a wrap 2/365

  1. Brilliant!!! I’d be proud and do something just as daft!! You prevented an accident too though so well done!!

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