Irritable baby!

Oliver has been suffering with teething for the past few weeks and has cut three of his back teeth so when at the weekend he began being irritable with flushed red cheeks and crying with a high temperature i put it down to him cutting a few more teeth. He wouldn’t let me look into his mouth but i could just make a little white mark on his gum where the canine would cut through so i thought that this would soon be a tooth.

He had the normal teething symptoms: running a high temperature, lack of an appetite, flushed cheeks, crying, clinginess, irritability, lack of energy, dribbling and chewing on his fingers.

After 5 days of having a disrupted sleep, a screaming baby and being kicked and punched whilst sleeping next to him i thought that maybe it wasn’t his teeth at all that was causing him to be so upset so i had a good look inside his mouth, much to his disagreement! I noticed that the little white mark i had noticed at first on his gum was now all blistery and had spread onto his tongue, his gums were bright red and swollen. Now i could understand why he didn’t want the medicine in his mouth as it was irritating the ulcers he had.

I phoned the doctor to be told that he couldn’t be seen today as they were fully booked, so i took him to see a pharmacist, who was lovely and really helpful. She wrote a letter to my doctor telling him that he must see my son as having a fever for 5 days was unacceptable and that he shouldn’t be left in pain for any longer. I took him down to the surgery where i waited around for an hour to be seen!

I was told that oliver has a viral infection, which to be honest was what i was expecting as everything is always a viral infection these days! He has a mouth and throat full of ulcers, they are on his gums, on his cheeks, the roof of his mouth and down his throat. All that i can do is keep fighting with him to take some calpol, cuddle him through his pain, take the punches and kicks until he falls asleep, listen to him cry in my ear all day and night and watch him in pain for the next few days until it has all cleared up. He will not eat any food or drink his milk, so it looks like its yoghurt and ice-cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner for him.

If only i had looked at his mouth properly the first time he may well not have had so many ulcers if i had known what it was a was dealing with!


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