Introducing our newest addition to the family

Our new little man arrived yesterday, a new little musketeer to join us all on our family adventures.

He is just perfect! We all instantly fell in love with him. The boys have been waiting all week eagerly for his arrival and yesterday, after school they were greeted by him in the livingroom.


Our new family pet is a Tortoise! We think that he is awesome!

The boys have wanted a pet for a long time, but as we are still living in our small home, we are unable to buy them a dog. I have wanted a Tortoise since Our family Tortoise got pinched out of the garden of our summer chalet about 17 years ago. Being the lucky girl who I am, the boys and Daddy bought him for me for my birthday.

I don’t know much about him as Daddy was very silly and didn’t ask the shop owner many questions, so i went back today but the shop owner wasn’t in and I walked away knowing just the same as I turned up knowing. From doing some research on the internet, we have found out that he may be a Horsefield or Herman Tortoise and he can grow up to 20cm long and live for 70 years.

The boys have decided to do a fact file on him, so that we can all learn a little about him and any visitors to our house can read it too.

We brought him out into the garden today and left him on the floor to roam around at his will. We didn’t expect him to move so fast, he’s like a little rocket! He was very lively outside, more so than what he is like inside his tank.

We haven’t quite decided on a name as yet, but thinking maybe Oscar, Leo or Gerry. What do you think?


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