There is only one person who has influenced me enough to aspire like them and that is my Mum, she is an amazing woman who has taught me what is right and wrong in life, guided me on the right path and gave me the gift of love.

My mum is strong and holds her family together, she ignores her own needs to put others first, she is not greedy, nor selfish and is always there for me for whenever I need her. She doesn’t live close to me so we speak on the phone everyday and just to hear her voice makes me smile. When ever I am feeling down and am in need of some kind but right words my mum will always be there to listen. Her voice heats up my heart, calms and comforts me. Her words are wise and give reason, her advise is always required. Sometimes words do not need to pass our lips in order to enjoy each others company as we have the same mind to understand each other, we talk in silence, nodding and smiling at each other.

She is the most caring person I know who will do anything for anyone, she is beautiful inside and out and full of so much love to give. She may be small but her hugs are huge, full of affection and warmth. My mum is an incredible woman who is completely dedicated to her family.

My mum once told me that love is like elastic, it just grows and stretches to fit everyone in, I never thought I could feel such an immense love that I had for my mum for anyone else until I had my boys and then I understood on how love was like elastic.

My mum just isn’t my mum she is my best friend, we have shared secrets and our clothes with each other, laughed and cried together, spent precious time together, enjoyed each others company and holidayed together.

My mum has taught me compassion, to respect others, how not to be selfish, to accomplish, to be forgiving, dedication, inspiration and how to appreciate.

My mum has taught me everything i know, She has been my teacher, my nurse, my counsellor, my friend, my chef, my rescuer, my cleaner, my babysitter and much more but above all she IS MY MUM! She has brought joy to my life, taught me how to play and have fun, she is my sunshine on a dull day.

If i can be half as good as my mum is to me than i know i have achieved something good in my life.

Love you Mum x


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