Inflatable Fun

For the past two days the boys have had fun with their friends at two different Inflatable Events, both were outside in the open air and sunshine.

Yesterday we traveled out into Essex to a village called Doddinghurst, just outside of Brentwood, where we met up with friends, picnic packed and suncream on the boys were ready to go off and have as much fun as they could. The event started at 11 am and was finishing at 3pm, the entrance was £4.50 per child. as they entered into the cordoned off area on the village hall green they were given a wristband. We found a spot on the green in the middle of all of the inflatables, which is ideal as you can see every where from there, the music was playing and children were running around everywhere having so much fun.

They bounced away on bouncy castles

20130815-223105.jpgThey ran through inflatable obstacle courses

20130815-223117.jpgThey came down slides

20130815-223135.jpgThey went against each other on the bungee run

20130815-223039.jpgThey climbed up steps


And they danced away to the music from the DJ and even joined in on a zumba class



There was inflatables of all sizes to suit all ages, a climbing wall, obstacle courses, gladiator style fighting, mega slides, giant ball racing, boxing rings and even Go Karts (which was £2 extra), we had so much fun!

Doddinghurst Inflatable day is run by Phil’s Paradise Promotions and is on every Wednesday during the summer holidays.

Today the boys were treated to another fun day at another inflatable event run by Go Bonkers, the event was being held in Lodge Park in Romford, i must admit it wasn’t as big as the day before one but it was just as fun! There was less children which meant that the boys didn’t have to queue for long to get onto an inflatable. It started at 1pm and finished at 4pm and costs £6.50 for the older children and £4 for the younger one. Again we found a spot in the middle of the inflatables so we had a good view of them all and managed to see all the children play and have fun.

Jak had a gladiator fight with his friend where they had to knock each other off of the high poles that they were standing on with giant foam sticks, Jak lost 2:1 but it didn’t bother him as he had a laugh 🙂


They enjoyed some refreshing ice creams and ice lollies that my friend treated them to


After being all bounced out, they had a little play in the park next to it where Oliver had a bit of fun on the swings being pushed by his little friend.


After two days of inflatable fun i’m not sure that their is an inflatable that they haven’t bounced on!




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