I’m not a lady! I’m a mummy

How inquisitive are your children?

How do answer some of their questions?

Do they leave you dumbfounded as to what to say?

The other morning I was getting dressed in the bedroom, not realising my four year was staring at me.
Stood there in my bra and trousers he looked at my and frowned, I asked him what was wrong, he just shook his head, embarrassed.
So I carry on doing what I’m doing and then he pipes up
“Why do you have boobies?”
“Because ladies do!”
“But why are they bigger than mine?”
He looks at his chest and starts prodding himself. Looking like he was missing out on something.
“Ladies have boobies so they can feed their babies milk, just like I did with baby Oliver”
Now he’s confused And I’m not sure where this conversation is heading
“My friend in school doesn’t have them, will she not have a baby?”
“Thats because she is only a little girl at the moment, but when she gets older she will become a lady”
I’m now thinking when is this conversation going to end
“Why don’t men have them?”
“Because ladies are female and we are different”
“Is that why you wee wee out of your bum?”
Hhmmmm! I try not to laugh! How do I answer that, he’s only four and there is only so much young children should know about. I want my children to stay like children and be innocent and also knowing that whatever I answer with there will be another “why” in reply so I just say
he starts giggling,
I look at him
“Now what’s wrong”
He gives me a big cuddle, gives his best gorgeous little cheeky smile and says
“So are you a lady then?
“Yes, I am”
“But you can’t be!”
“Why can’t I be”
“Because your my mummy!”
I can’t reply to that one. He’s just the cutesy.


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