I’m A Growing Up Milk Mum

I have some exciting news to share with you all, i have been invited to be a Growing Up Milk Ambassador with Cow & Gate.

Even though Oliver is 19 months now i still give him growing up 1-2 years formula milk, there are days where he doesn’t have a very good appetite and giving him formula milk gives me that added reassurance that he is receiving the essential nutrients of vitamins and minerals that he needs to grow into a strong healthy boy.

When Oliver was a new born i breastfed him until he was 8 weeks old when unfortunately our breastfeeding journey had to come to an end, it was upsetting and i felt like i was failing in being a mum, Oliver was born with Reflux and he brought up his milk straight after a feed. He wasn’t keeping much milk down and i was exhausted, our nights were filled with dealing with his reflux fits where he held his breath and shook uncontrollably, he wasn’t putting on much weight and had gone way below the bottom line on the centile growth chart. We was given medicine which had to be added into his milk just before feeding and put onto a formula which was thicker in the hope that the milk stayed down in his tummy.

Oliver’s reflux became a lot better by the time he was 6 months old but we still have the odd times when he can bring up his milk.


I will keep you up to date with new stories, polls and videos about toddler health, i will also share with you some lovely recipes from toddler chef Fiona Faulkner.


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