I remember when…. Memories

When my eldest was a toddler he used to love anything to do with Bob the Builder, he had all the teddies, toys, bed covers and clothes with Bob on them, but most of all he loved going on the Bob ride.

When Jak was born my parents owned a chalet in Clacton, it was a lovely little site which had its own club house and swimming pool. Every weekend we used to pack our bags and drive to the chalet, the park was about a 10 minute drive from the seaside so we spent quite a lot of our time walking along the seafront. Jak use to go mad when he saw the little Bob the Builder ride the was always outside the amusements arcade, in fact he used to scream to go on it that much that a trip to the seafront used to be unbearable unless he had a go!

He used to scream ‘Bob Bob’ as soon as we parked the car up, he knew what was there and he knew exactly where it was, as when I used to walk a different route around the shops (thinking that I would trick him) he would shout ‘Go back Mum, Bob over there!’ Pointing towards the direction of the amusements.

When Jak was 2 and a half the chalet park got close down and we had to give up our chalet, which meant no more weekend visits to the seafront.

We did go back to the town a few times but Jak was older and had grown out of his obsession with Bob the Builder.

A couple of weeks ago, we went back to the same seaside resort for the day a we walked down to the same amusement arcades and guess what was there? Yep, Bob the Builder ride lol

Jak couldn’t resist one last little ride, just for old time sake lol


I think he may have outgrown the ride but I secretly think he enjoyed it more than what he let on 🙂


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