I love you all the world

Nanny came to visit yesterday, the boys absolutely adore their nanny and love getting big cuddles from her. They unfortunately do not get to see her often as she does not live local to us, but when they do see her they love spending time with her and fight each other for her attention. As she was leaving to go home she asked Joseph if he wanted to stay at her house for a night in the next school holidays with his older brother Jak. To her surprise he answered ‘No’, she asked him why not and he said he loves his mummy too much to leave her and will only stay at her house if mummy stays as well.

That has got to be the cutest thing I’ve heard him say, well, I thought it was until later on in the evening……

I had told the boys to get ready for bed and sent them upstairs to get their pyjamas on. They both went up to the bedroom but 5 minutes later Joseph cam back down the stairs still wearing his clothes, I asked him why he wasn’t ready for bed! This is how the conversation went:

Mummy: why are you not ready for bed?
Joseph: mummy! You know I love you, don’t you!
Mummy: of coarse I do, and I love you too
Joseph: I love you all the world and back again!
Mummy: that’s a nice thing to say
Daddy: do you love me all the world too?
Joseph: No! I only love you a little bit
Daddy: that’s not nice.
Daddy starts to pretend to cry, I tell Joseph to cheer his dad up and to give him a great big hug, which he does but then he says
Joseph: I do love you dad but I love mum the most because she is cuddly and feeds me.

Joseph turns to me with the cheesiest, cheeky smile ever and then says good night!

Do your little ones say the funniest things?

Share them with me below, I love to read your comments

Thank you for reading my post 🙂


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