I look at me and what do I see?

Have you ever looked at yourself (I mean really looked at yourself) in the mirror?

I use the full length mirror that is in my bedroom everyday, to do my hair and to check my clothes. I walk past it at least 20 times in a day and as I do I catch glimpses of myself. I don’t like what I see!

I see imperfections (lots of them)

  • I’m not happy with my thin, lank hair. I would love for it to have some life in it, a bit of umph
  • I am aging by the day. someday’s I see an old lady looking back at me, wrinkles appearing around the eyes, neck and mouth and the skin is beginning to sag
  • I see old aged eyes that have lost their sparkle, maybe because I have had a stressful day and have only managed to sit down for a half hour rest during the busy day at work and in the home
  • I see a body with lumps and bumps, as hard as I try to tone it up Life always takes over
  • The one thing I wasn’t blessed with is a plump breast! Clothes fit perfectly at the bottom half of my body, snugly around my bottom and hips but when it comes to finding clothes to fit my upper half, it’s hard. Being a 32a is not nice. I don’t feel like woman. I try on clothes and they sag at the top, bodices are a no-no and I have to wear padded out bra


I could carry on with my imperfections,I’m not happy with pretty much everything i look at in the mirror. The only thing I see on the outside is an aging lady that looks worn out and has lost her sparkle BUT yesterday I took a good long look at myself. Looking past my imperfections and my looks. Are my looks the real me? Are looks that important?

I tried to look through someone elses eyes and not my own

  • I saw a Mum, a woman who works hard everyday to give her children the best start in life. Even though she struggles with time for herself, she gives her all to her boys
  • I saw 3 wonderful boys of whom I gave birth to and brought into this world, who are bright and healthy
  • I saw a loving and caring person. Someone who helps others.
  • I saw someone who is hard-working.
  • I saw strength
  • I saw a smile on my face and a sparkle in my eyes as I thought of my children and how happy they make me feel

It’s not about what I look like on the outside, but the real person who I am is who I am on the inside!

I maybe not happy with how life has caught up on me but I am happy with what life has given me.


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