I ho I ho Its back to work I go!

Well after 11 months off sick, 5 and a half weeks of intensive chemo and radiotherapy, 9 days in hospital for an infection, 7 weeks in hospital over the Christmas holidays for 2 major operations I have been given the go ahead by my doctors to return to work (part time only).

Today was my first day back at work. I arrived for my return to work interview at 9am and worked until lunch time and I loved being back.

I finally feel like I am actually getting somewhere with this disgusting disease.

I will not let it defeat me.

Yes I have to ease my self back to work, only working a few hours a day, and No I will not know how i will feel unless I do it.

My doctor, nurse and oncologist agree that a phased return to work will be best for me. I am still suffering with tiredness due to lack of iron in my body and after 6 B12 injections and daily tablets I am still feeling a bit fatigued but my body needs to heal itself after everything it has been through and as long as i take it easy then working shouldn’t be a problem. It gets hard when I get home and then the working carries on as a parent, but my children understand and are very helpful. I am luck that my eldest enjoys cooking as he has been ever so helpful in the kitchen.

It felt nice to have a bit of normality back in my life rather than trips to the hospital or doctors for appointments.

I saw my oncologist yesterday and was told that there will be no more further treatment needed. The tumour and 48 lymph nodes that were taken out of my body were cancer cell free. I need to go back to the hospital every 3 months and I will have scans every 4 months to keep an eye on me but basically they are just monitoring me for the next few years. I am not saying that I am in the clear by no means but I am on the ride side of recovery.

My normal hours are from 8:40 – 3:30 but I am now working from 10:00 – 2:00. Which means less rushing around for me in the morning and afternoon and I shouldn’t get as tired with not having to wake up early to take the children into breakfast club. I am happy with this and hopefully it will only be for the next half term and then I am hoping that I will be strong enough to return back to work full-time. It felt good to be back at work, just being a TA and not being the person sitting at home waiting for the world to pass by.

Am I happy to be back at work? YES

Am I going to regret going back? NO

Only time will tell if I can handle the work load. My work place have been excellent and very supportive to my needs.

I am looking forward to a being a colleague again and working with the children


Thank you for reading and following my story


4 thoughts on “I ho I ho Its back to work I go!

  1. You are amazing. I am so proud of you going back to work and kicking butt. I think being back into a routine will help and build you back up. Love you and lots of strength x

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