How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers Review and giveaway

Catch a falling star and put in your pocket, Never let it fade away,

Catch a falling star and put in your pocket, Save it for a rainy day.

Could you catch a falling star?

We was recently sent a 10th anniversary edition of Oliver Jeffers How to catch a falling star in a presentation box, enclosed was not only one but two copies of the hard back book and also a selection of items that we could use to celebrate the 10th edition being published.


Enclosed within the presentation box was a set of printed activity sheets for the children to colour in, a maze to complete, spot the difference, join the dots, make puppets and hanging mobiles. These sheets are drawn with the same illustrations as the book so that children will be able to relate to the character and story whilst enjoying the activities.

We sat down to read the book and discussed about the title, I asked the children if it would be possible to catch, they replied with Yes but only if you had the imagination to do so!

The story of the book came about when the Author Oliver Jeffers was sitting on the pier of a fish market, counting the starfish around the poles. He caught the reflection of an early evening star in the water below him, which immediately made him think of a Brer Rabbit story. The moon in the mill pond, and there on the spot, Oliver made a single drawing of someone trying to catch a star in his sketchbook. As he thought of different ways of attempting to catch a star, his collection of drawings began to grow, and beofre long he realised he had the bones of a picture book.

The story is about a little boy who loved stars and every night he watched the stars from his bedroom window and wished that he had one of his very own


The illustrations are bright and colourful and the story is one that can make children really believe. My boys loved the story, especially listening to the story using the puppets. Each page only has a couple of sentences so the story is easy to read and follow for the younger children.




Using the puppets that we made from the activity sheet, Oliver enjoys following the story he has memorised most of the story by looking at the pictures and he goes through the book playing with the puppets and saying the story. Oliver is now fascinated with stars and wants to watch them at night from the window just like the boy in the story.

Not only have my boys enjoyed the story but they have also enjoyed filling out the activity sheets and making things to go along with the book


You can print out the very same activity sheets to have of your own by clicking on the link below:

How To Catch A Star Activity Sheets

How to catch a star is a lovely story book that can be read again and again and enjoyed by all ages.

10th Anniversary of Oliver Jeffers’ How to Catch a Star

Hardback gift edition

Out on 27 March 2014

For ages 2 to 7 years

£12.99 available from Amazon

If you would like to win your own hard back copy of the book, please fill in the rafflecopter form below

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34 thoughts on “How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers Review and giveaway

  1. i would love to win this for my daughter, she loves her books aready (shes 15months) and this would be a lovely book to read to her before bed 🙂

  2. I’d like to win as I work full time and reading at bed time is our gauranteed together time. We use it to read and make up stories. A new book is always gladly received.

  3. my 3 yr old son he’s really getting into having stories read to him and any book is a welcome addition and this book looks lovely x

  4. for the children in my reception class- they just love the (naked!) peach crayon in ‘The Day The Crayons Quit’, so I feel we will have as much fun with this Oliver Jeffers book if not more!!!

  5. My daughters, my eldest loves books and my youngest is too young but I’m sure she’ll love books too 🙂

  6. I would love to win this for my daughter who is fascinated by stars! She cannot believe that they are huge but so far away! She thinks they are tiny specks!

  7. I love Oliver Jeffers books, especially the illustrations so I’d love to win a copy for my cousin’s son to enjoy x

  8. We love Oliver Jeffers in my house! His books are amazing with fantastically imaginative stories and great illustrations. I think this is probably the only book of his that we don’t have!

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