How Rude!

I awoke this morning nice and early knowing that I had to be leaving the house half hour earlier than normal, to drop the boys off to a friends house as she is doing me a huge massive favour by taking them into school for me. Oliver and myself were off into London on our weekly trip to M&S head office at Edgware Road for his clothes fittings.

I do my normal morning mad rush around the house getting all three of my little terrors ready and off we go.

Today I have decided to take Oliver in his baby carrier and not in his stroller, it’s hard work carrying it up and down stairs at the train stations and on the bus in the morning as it is always too busy to get a buggy on.
So far all is good, I arrive at the bus stop and it’s empty, I sit and wait. 5 minutes later the bus comes, there is now about 6 people waiting along with me.
Now, picture me, I have a 6 month old in a baby carrier and a changing bag packed to the brim and bulging at the seams, I am 5ft 2″ and weigh under 7 stone. You can obviously see that I have a baby stuck only on my front and although he is small for his age he is very heavy for my small frame.
*The bus pulls up*
I go to step towards the bus and I get pushed out of the way by some of the most bloody rude people I have ever come across. Not one of them look at me they just barge at me with their bottoms and arms. I feel like shouting “I’m late too, you know. I also have somewhere to get to”
They’re on the bus now and I’m standing out side in the cold freezing my but off, with a crying baby! The bus driver tells them to move down the bus to make room, Do they? No! They all just stare at the floor looking dumb like the bus driver has just spoke in gobbly gook language.
I am not an alien!
I do not have a terrible viral disease!
Yes! I have a spot but it’s not catching!
I just want to bloody get on the bus!
I tell the driver not to worry I will wait for the next bus, she smiles sympathetically and closes the doors.
The next bus arrives and I sigh with relief
*it’s empty*
thank god!
I get on, take a seat and smile and thank those horrible,rude, disgraceful excuses of a human beings as they are all squashed in like sardines on the bus and I am happily sitting down on a roomy bus
That’s what you get for not have manners and respecting others!
I am late for my appointment but at least we have a seat.


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