Home or Hospital birth

Hospital or Home Birth

What’s your choice?

I’ve had three children and have done both but I would definitely recommend a home birth.
I gave birth to my eldest boy in hospital, the birth was natural with no complications but they kept me in over night, which I hated, I just wanted to be at home.
So on my second pregnancy After discussing it with my partner we decided to go for a home birth. We would have two midwives and be in the comfort of our own home. We would be in control. Whilst in labour everything was going well, I had the two midwives as promised. It felt very surreal, there i was in labour panting away and Paul and the midwives were sitting on the sofa drinking coffee with frothy milk discussing the weather lol. My contractions were coming quick and fast and Paul was told by one of the midwives to warm some towels up in the microwave at this point the contractions stopped. I was taken into hospital by ambulance and hooked up to a machine to check the baby’s heart rate, I was put on a drip and given an injection to start the contractions again. After 2 hours of being in hospital baby was born by ventouse, he was in the posterior position (back to back), which explained why I was having real bad back ache, his poor little head was cut and blistered but everything else was fine. He was fit and healthy.
So I ended up giving birth in hospital for the second time (and they kept me in over night again)

-Posterior position is where your baby has his head down, but the back of his head is against your spine.
When your baby gets to the bottom of your pelvis, he’ll need to turn through almost 180 degrees to get into the best position to be born.
This can take quite a while, or your baby may decide he’s not going to turn at all! In this case, he will be born with his face looking up at you as he emerges. He might need forceps or ventouse to help him out.

So when I found out I was pregnant for the third time, what do you think I decided on doing?
Third time lucky I thought ‘home birth’.
Even after what I went through with my last labour I knew that I would be in safe hands, the midwives made the right choice before and if anything would go wrong this time, they would look after me like the last time.
Don’t get me wrong I had reservations and thought what if it happens again but I had heard from so many other mums that were my friends that having a home birth was a great experience.

So there I was, again, at home, in labour, with the midwives in my living room drinking coffee ( no frothy milk this time though lol). We had candles burning, curtains pulled, lights dimmed low, Adele playing in the back ground (and me screaming lol) giving birth to a healthy little boy on my sofa.
It was relaxing and a great experience which I enjoyed. I was in control, I could do what I wanted to do, drink what I wanted, eat what I wanted, sit on my favourite chair, watch my tv and listen to my own music.
I gave birth while my boys were at school so you could imagine their little faces when they walked into the living room and met their little baby brother.

What’s your preference of birth?

Home or Hospital?

Mine is definitely HOME because that is where the heart is!


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  1. it was hospital for me every time ,when i had my children it was at least ten days of rest in hospital;

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