Hello Sunshine

Could it be true? Could it possibly be summer?

Yesterday the sun shone, the chill in the air seems to have packed up and gone on holiday. The clouds disappeared leaving clear blue skies and enabled the sun rays to shine down on us.


I may be acting too quickly, but I’ve packed up the gloves, scarves and wooly hats into a bag and placed them into the back of the cupboard. Winter coats have been replaced with lighter spring coats and the shorts and t-shirts are back in the wardrobes.

I’m hoping that we can say goodbye to layering up in our clothes to keep warm and hello to light cotton layers.

On cold days, mornings are the worse in this household. It can take us up to 15 minutes gathering together our scarves and gloves before we leave the house.

Now that the sun has made an appearance for two consecutive days, I am beginning to look forward to long summer days and cool evenings. I am hoping to spend more days after work out with the boys at the local park and weekends on day trips out or lazy days in the garden.

I’m looking forward to

  • Eating ice-cream outside and eating it quickly before it melts all over
  • Visiting the beach and running along the sand, feeling the water the cold water run over my toes
  • Going on hikes across the countryside and finding some more geocaches to add to our finds
  • Evening trips into London, the City. Walking along the Southbank or drinking tea in Covent Garden
  • Exploring the woods and eating a picnic in the middle of the trees
  • Going on our summer holiday to Malta. Can’t wait for some family time
  • Running along the grass in a country park with no socks or shoes on
  • Finding some lavender in a Forest and breathing in the wonderful smell that surrounds us
  • Eating Al Fresco in the garden
  • BBQ’s
  • Camping out in the garden or at a camp site
  • Glamping
  • Finding a stream to walk across. Have poo stick races
  • Hiking up Mount Snowdon. This is something we haven’t done a while because we have been waiting until our youngest was old enough to attempt the walk. The views are stunning and is one of my favourite places to go
  • Filling the house with flowers, bringing the outside indoors
  • Watching the boys play outside in the garden in the early evenings.
  • Go fruit picking at an orchard
  • Make fruit jam
  • Swim in the sea
  • Build a sand castle and decorate it with shells and pebbles
  • Roast marshmallows over a fire
  • Drink prosecco in the afternoon sun
  • Wear summer dresses (throw away the tights)

Sunshine makes everyone smile, everyone needs a bit of sun in their life. It makes us feel more alive and fresh. The need to get and go wherever takes your fancy. Yes, all of the above can be done in the autumn or winter months but they feel all the more enjoyable when the sun shines.

What are you looking forward to?


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