Have I Grown Now Mum?

As my boys belong to a children’s modelling/talent agency I have to keep them up to date with their measurements.
The last time I measured them was in November so I thought I would check them to see if they had grown, especially as a lot of the jobs that the agency get in are measurement specific.
So after doing Jak’s and Oliver’s and adjusting some digits on their website pages, it was Joseph turn.
I asked him to stand against the door so I could mark down the measurement and after checking them with his last ones I told him that he hadn’t grown, this wasn’t what he wanted to hear and was very upset. You see Joseph has a thing about being the BIG brother and is worried about his little brother catching him up and being taller than him.
So off he went upstairs to what I thought, was to sulk, but I was ‘how wrong was I’.
A couple of minutes went by and he came back downstairs carrying his ‘Joseph Step’ ( a little step that we bought him so that he could reach things ), he put the step against the door, stood on it and said
“Measure me again mum, now I’m taller”
My little boy knows how to make me laugh.




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