Giant Snakes and Ladders Review

The lovely people over at BIG GAME HUNTERS recently sent us a Giant Snakes and Ladders outdoor game for us a family to review. The boys love playing outside and are out in the garden every day making up games to play with each other, so this item was definitely going to go down well with them even before they tried it out.

Big Game Hunters are a leading toy experts in outdoor fun, they sell anything you can think of that promotes play in the outdoors from climbing frames, play houses to swimming pools.

Due to the weather that we have had for the past week it made it impossible for us to try it , the boy’s couldn’t wait and was eager to play it. When we woke up this morning the sky was slightly grey but perfect for the kids to be outside and have a play.

I took out the plastic sheet, which was strong and of good quality and laid it down onto the ground, it was slightly crumpled up but once it was pulled at the corners and pegged into the ground it straightened up nicely, I pumped up the dice and we was all ready to go, it took me about 5 minutes to set up and was very easy. The playing mat measure in at 3m square. All i needed now was the boys to play the game.

Jak rolled the dice first and got a 3, straight up the ladder he went feeling all smug with himself he done a little dance, jumping up and down singing ‘im going to win, I’m going to win’. Joseph was next unfortunately he didn’t go up a ladder but rolled a 6 so he was quick on the heels of his big brother especially when jak fell onto a snake and had to slide all the way back to the bottom line, now it was Joseph’s turn to have a little giggle at his brothers expense Ha Ha!

This game of Snakes and Ladders has a slight twist to the original one, there is a box that has Sting! on it, for which we took as you had to miss a go as you got stung by a bee. Jak being unlucky as he his landed on this a couple of times.

There is also a few added extras like more snakes and ladder, to climb or slide, a double your dice box and a box that gives you the option of either standing on one leg or moving back on the next go.

The game is bright and colourful and definitely brought out the competitiveness of my boys, they both wanted to win and their was quite a bit of cheating going on lol.

We had tears because Joseph wanted to win and didn’t want to land on a snake, luckily his big brother is as nice as he is otherwise he may never have ignored the fact that Joseph rolled a 4 but only moved 3 just so he could avoid the dreaded snake that took him half way back down the board.

This game brings indoor fun to the outside, the boys had lots of fun and i loved that they was playing together outside. It helped Joseph with his counting and he sometimes finds it hard to play little board games as he generally doesn’t sit still enough for the game to finish, he is very impatient and finds it hard to follow rules, but with this game he was very involved and waited his turn patiently and with the dice being as big as it was there was no way he was going to be throwing it too far resulting in us losing it.

All in all a great game to promote outdoor fun, for all the family.


You can buy this game from here for £36.99


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