Funtime at gymnastics

Joseph goes to gymnastics twice a week, one is a club that he attends at our local sports centre and the other is a parent and toddler class at East London Gymnasium which runs on a Sunday morning.
The Sunday morning session has been closed over the summer holidays but we returned last weekend and this time Oliver went along too.
Oliver is 13 months old and has been walking properly since he was 10 months old and since he took that first step at 8 months old there has been no stopping him. He doesn’t just walk he runs everywhere and climbing well! Don’t get me started on that one the boy must think he his spiderman as he seems to think he can climb vertical walls.
Oliver has so much energy and is non stop on the move do Daddy thought that it would be a brilliant idea for Oliver to start going along with him and Joseph on the Sunday morning to the Gym so he could run off some steam and seeing as everything is made of foam there is no way of him acquiring any new bumps and bruises to the oh so many that he already has. The floor is all soft and squidgy and gives the children that extra spring in there steps in order for them to get a good leap off the floor, so if Oliver fell he probably would only bounce around anyway lol.
Oliver loved it in there he immediately went off exploring all of the activities with a little cheeky grin plastered on his face

I thought that he would like all of the huge foam shapes that was there, which the boys enjoy building little dens and houses with. Oliver wasn’t even overly joyed to play with his older brothers he was happy enough to go off on his own, one of the activities he really enjoyed doing was the trampoline. The trampoline isn’t raised from the floor so Oliver only had to walk onto it and bounce away on his own, although his preferred method of play on this apparatus was to run round and around.
Next to the trampoline is a foam
Pit that the children use to practice their flips into either using the horse or just diving into it, which Oliver did the latter.
He was so tiny I couldn’t see him in there among all of the foam, he didn’t struggle or scream and actually found it quite funny.He was very confident to be on his own, I didn’t help him once, he just got on with everything himself.


I like the freedom that Oliver had in the Gym and how he became very confident in his own actions, how he felt the need to no longer be reliant on me for help and how his playing was not only safe but also he was learning a lot from it too.


Along with trampolines, foam pit, spring boards, balance beams and monkey bars there is also a small soft play area at the back with slides, climbing slopes and ladders all of different shapes for children to explore.


Oliver is just like his big brother and loves to climb, he could have spent all day long in here especially climbing up
The bumpy steps and even though he is only 72cm in length nothing was going to stop him from attempting to get to the top. He found a way of using his head (nose) to pull himself up and gripped his little toes against the plastic to get leverage and push him upwards.
Onwards and upwards that’s my boys.

Daddy even tried Oliver out on the balance bars and holding daddy’s hand for that little bit of support Oliver walked along one tiny foot in front of the other along the bar balancing away, he was like a pro, like it was something he does everyday, he even plucked up the courage to let go of Daddy’s hand and do it alone, he didn’t get far when he turned to daddy with his arms outright wanting Daddy to help him.

Oliver had lots of fun at his day at the gymnastics gymnasium and I hope he has just as much enjoyment next week.

What clubs do your children and do and what age were they when they started?

Thank you for reading 🙂


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  1. I loved gymnastics as a kid and can’t wait for Riley to be old enough to go! Oliver is clearly following in the steps of his big brother! What a super talented family you have xxx

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