Funny things they say and do, Imagination and love

Oliver is now 2 and a half years old and his speech is improving everyday, he picks up new words daily and sometimes surprises me with what he says. He can speak in full sentences adn his pronunciation is very clear.

It’s bedtime and Oliver is playing on his bed with some of his teddies, I ask Oliver to get dressed into his Pyjamas, he throws his Dobby teddy onto the bed so that he can get dressed. Oliver looks down at Dobby and with a sad face looks at me and says “I not hurt Dobby” he then shakes his head at me, picks up Dobby ” I not hurt Dobby”. Oliver’s eyes look sad “I cuddle Dobby better” Oliver cuddles the teddy and then with a smile he places him gently back into the bed and tucks him into the bed covers.

Oliver loves playing with his teddies, making up new scenarios each time. He asks me to play with him, I watch him line up three of his teddies and then lays down next to them. He jumps up an shouts “Wake up! Wake up! We’re in London” He picks up the teddies and gives me one, I ask him what are we doing in London, Oliver shouts “Oh No! It’s a fire!” I look scared and say “Oh Dear! That’s not good” Oliver says “It’s OK Mum, It’s not leavers it’s pretend” He then goes back to his teddies and tells them all to wake up and get on to their bikes so that they can all eat popcorn. I love listening and watching him play, he has such a brilliant imagination.

I told Oliver that I love him Too much, he told me that he loved me four much! lol

Oliver was laying next me in bed and I was watching TV, I had my back to him so he asked me to turn around. I turned around

“I knew you would turn around Mum, You are not that way now, you cuddle me Mum, make me feel better”

I give him a big cuddle

“I love you all the world Mum”

I smile at him and tell him I love him more than words.

What have your children been saying or doing lately that has made you smile of laugh?


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