Freezing fun #countrykids

3 degrees outside and I decide to take the boys to the park! Am I mad?

Ok so it was freezing and after an hour I couldn’t feel my fingertips but it was nice to get out into fresh air and the boys had fun exploring the trees, playing in the park, walking round the lake and even joined in on a football match.







Jak practiced his ball skills on the way through the park showing his little brother how to do a kick up and once we arrived at the play park he found some friends to play football with and joined in on a match. Joseph loves climbing frames and spent his time hanging upside down or finding twigs to fill up the tunnel with.

We had a nice little stroll around the lake looking at the duck although we forgot the bread so we didn’t get to feed them didn’t stop them from following us though lol

We was admiring the red in the sky through the bare branches if the trees and Joseph said that the sky was burning, bless him.

After 75 minutes in the park it was time to leave, I had taken some hand warmers with us to heat up the boys little hands when they became cold, Joseph put his inside of his glove and that is where it stayed until we got home.

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5 thoughts on “Freezing fun #countrykids

  1. You did well to stick it out for 75 minutes! Last week just doing the pre-school run which takes all of five minutes had my hands feeling like icicles 😀
    It will be lovely when my boys are old enough to walk a bit longer play together better like yours.

  2. It was bitterly cold today but to be honest it was such a relief not to have rain we all went out regardless. One of mine even put his tend up in the garden and complained when I refused to let him sleep out tonight! Looks like your park trip did the trick for your boys. Thanks for joining in with Country Kids.

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