Following a Path and balancing

Oliver loves to walk and at any opportunity given he will use his two little legs to walk/run around.
He is mad about following paths, markings on floors and walls, if there is something to follow he will do.
He doesn’t really like to sit down in his buggy and when he is sitting down its either because he is asleep or eating, the moment the buggy is stabilised he is trying to climb out.

Today Oliver climbed out of the buggy while we was on the bus so I let him walk back home from the bus stop, he found a small little wall to follow and was in his element, laughing out loud, shouting ‘mummy mummy’
He is a very confident, independent little boy who wants to do everything for himself, so he isn’t happy when I try to hold his hand whilst balancing on the walls.


I told him “Just because your dressed as Superman, it doesn’t mean that you have powers” he just replies “yes” and carries on walking along the wall.


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