Flasher Alert!

There are moments in our lives where we wished the ground would just open up as wide as possible and swallow us up whole!

I have had experienced a few those moments in my 34 years of life where i have totally embarrassed myself enough to hope that i would dissapear

  • I have run for a jam packed bus and fell just at the doors, grazing my arms, legs and face and hoping that the doors just close and the bus drivers just pulls out and drives off instead the doors stay open and i have to limp onto the bus with a twisted ankle.
  • My LO has pulled down my vest top to reveal my bra to everyone (luckily for me it was one of my best ones and it was infront of friends)
  • While watching my son in a football match, standing line side i stood back as the boys in play were getting close and i tripped over the back of balls, falling onto my back with legs up in the air!
  • I have walked the streets with a shreddie stuck on my bottom where i have sat on it after my son had his breakfast in the morning
  • I have embarrassing let rip outside a restaurant (sorry! couldn’t control it!) I see people outside who were reading the menu just like us looking around sniffing and pulling funny faces so i appallingly say “I’m not eating in there! It smells awful!” and walk off!
  • I have been picked on by a compere whilst on holiday about the size of my bra (Long story including a adult competition and a holiday park, not a rude one though!)
  • I have congratulated someone on their news of being pregnant only to realise after that it wasn’t the right person
  • Their are many more which involves me being influenced by alcohol

Last week saw another embarrassing moment to add the ever growing list…

The sun was shining but it was quite breezy, it was after school and the boys had gymnastic and badminton clubs to get to, we was walking along our street and i was wearing my lovely summery skirt. The two eldest boys were in front of me and i was pushing Oliver in his stroller, I was on the phone to my sister just asking her a quick question when a big gust of wind came along and blew my light floaty skirt right up around my waist giving the neighbours, pedestrians and a car load of people a full view of my cheeks! Yes i was wearing a G-String! I’d like to say i felt quite like Marilyn Monroe but no! i was completely, totally and utterly embarrassed. Jak laughed shouting “you flasher! you flasher!”, thanks Jak!

Have you had any moments where you wished you could just disappear there and then?




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