First Visit to the Dentist

The youngest hit a milestone the other day. He had his first official visit to the dentist, where he got to sit in the big dentists chair. I say first official because he has been before but he was only seen along on my appointment and it was last year when he was two. This time he had his own appointment and it was only him that was being seen by the dentist.

It was a struggle to get him to leave the house, first as we had not long been in from school and he was enjoying himself playing in the garden and secondly he said he was hungry and didn’t want to go anywhere until he had eaten. The latter was the problem. When Oliver is hungry he needs to eat straight away as he becomes very irritable and doesn’t stop moaning for food.

First he asked for a yoghurt, I refused. Then he wanted a slice of cake, I refused. I explained to him that the Dentist doesn’t want to look inside his mouth if it is full of food. Finally he pinched a spearmint polo from my handbag and placed it into his trouser pocket and said “I’ll have this than and eat it later!”

I thought that maybe I could distract him from the polo on the way to the Dentist. It was only a ten minute walk away. Surely he would forget it was there.

We walked to the Dentist and we talked about what the Dentist would do when he got there, his older brothers reassured him that there was nothing to worry about and Oliver seemed to be excited about going. As we arrived the older boys waited outside and played football on the green, Oliver and I went in to the reception area. It was empty. All the staff immediately faced towards Oliver and started to talk to him. Oliver being the shy little boy that he is (not normally) hid under the chairs in the waiting room and wouldn’t come out. Anyone would have thought he was seeing the Demon Dentist. I saw his hand go towards his mouth, He surely isn’t is he! YES he did! He had placed the polo in his mouth and began to crunch down on it. Everyone thought it was funny as he came out from under the chair and said “Now the Dentist can’t see me because I have a polo in my mouth” I felt so bad, as there we are sitting in a Dentist and my son is eating sweets!

Oliver was a little apprehensive at first but after a little chat with the Dentist, he was ok. She explained to him that she just wanted to count all of his teeth. After a little cuddle from Mummy he sat in the chair all by himself.

Open wide
Open wide

He did everything the Dentist asked of him, he opened his mouth so wide I thought he was going to eat her!

After scraping away some of the polo from the teeth he was given the big thumbs up. All of his teeth are strong and healthy with no sign of any damage. Thank god! He does have a sweet tooth

He was given a big sticker and proudly wore it all the way home. 🙂



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