First day with childminder/Transition

I started work on Tuesday this week and Oliver has been with his childminder, he seems to have settled in well. Before i started work i visited the childminder’s house twice and on the second time i left Oliver for an hour just see how he would settle in without me being around and to ease him into the transition, I’m not sure what i was worried about as when i turned up at the front door an hour later i could hear him through the front window laughing and talking away.

On his first day the lady took him for a walk to the park and he fell asleep just as they got to the swings, i was told he slept for an hour which is pretty normal for him. He ate all of his lunch that i packed up for him and enjoyed playing and reading stories with the lady. When i knocked on the door to collect him i heard him playing and when he saw me he put out his arms and said ‘mummy’, my heart ripped out of my skin, his little eyes lit up and he smiled the biggest little grin ever. I went into the living room and he showed me the toys he was playing with, his favourite is the plastic food and especially the plastic box that they are stored in, he loves to climb into the box and sit inside it (with all the toys still inside too). Today he was taken out again for a trip to the local park and yet AGAIN he fell asleep before they got to the park this time for 2 hours, poor little tike is missing out on some outdoor fun, maybe its the early starts that he needs to get used to again. Oliver has always been a baby that has had a nap in the mornings, it’s normally just after i have done the school run and i thought that he had grown out of it as over the summer he wasn’t getting to nap until mid afternoon but it seems he has fallen back into his old routine.

It has been three days now that i have spent the mornings away from him and i am noticing a slight change in him, not a bad one but a good change, he is talking a lot more and bringing me his toys to play with, he is skipping out his afternoon bottle and becoming a bit more independent where before he would just hang at my legs and follow me everywhere now he will sit on the floor and play with a toy on his own. I have also noticed how much he uses his older brother Jak as a comforter, as soon as i say ‘No’ to him he runs off to find Jak shouting his name hoping for a cuddle from him.

He has one more day with his new friend (the childminder) and then i get to have him back all to myself for the weekend and as i have heard that the weather may be good I shall be spending it out at the park with him and his brothers, hope he doesn’t fall asleep on me though 🙂



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  1. I have loved reading this blog. I’m so happy for you and glad Oliver has settled in well with his childminder, and yes the weather is ment to be really great the weekend with Sunday being the best day .

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