First day at preschool

Oliver hit a milestone yesterday, at 29 months old it was his first day at preschool.

I had been looking for a preschool that would take Oliver on In January and after emailing a few that was near by I received an email informing me that they had a space open on an afternoon session, starting at 12:30 and finishing at 3:00. They had two spaces available and offered him them but as I wasn’t sure how he would fit in I just decided on him attending just one session to start with.

Oliver has spent the last year and a half with a childminder and he has settled in with her very well although he does still cry for me in the morning when I drop him off, but I do think it is more about just wanting to be with Mummy all the time rather than wanting to stay with her. He especially cries for me just after a half term or a long weekend, he sometimes screams the whole way to the childminders shouting “Go back home Mummy”. Although I am at work, the childminder does take him to playgroups, as he is the only young child that she looks after he gets her all day to himself. He does mix with other children at her house, but they are at school age, So I thought that him attending a preschool now would be a good way of him to learn how to play with children of the same age as him. Oliver struggles with sharing and really doesn’t know how to play well with other children of a similar age, his brothers and the other children at the chilminders are all older than him and give him anything that he wants. On the odd occasion that he has mixed with other two year olds I have seen him push them, but not in a bad way (if that makes sense) He doesn’t show anger in his face, he is smiling as he does it which makes me think that this is the way he thinks how to play with other children. Playtime at home can get quite rough, with two older brothers they are always playfighting and pushing each other around, hopefully mixing with other young children at preschool will teach him how to play nicely and to share.

Oliver settled in really well yesterday, I got there early (during my lunch time at work) to sign a few forms, we met his playleader and other adults that work in there, Oliver went straight off to play with the cars and the garage and seemed to be enjoying himself. He kept asking me if he could go to the other table, one of the play leaders took him over to the other tables that were set up with magnets, paints and jigsaws and that was the last he spoke to me. His childminder left before me just so that he didn’t see both of us leaving at the same time, but I don’t think that it would have bothered him at all. When it was time for me to leave I asked him for a kiss, he ignored me and carried on playing so I took this as he was going to be O.K

His childminder picked him up at home time and she said he came out with a big smile on his face, I am so happy that he liked it! He keeps saying that he goes to big boy school and he lots of best friends.

I am just hoping that next week goes just as smoothly!

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  1. Awesome boy! When my daughter is still in preschool I saw a lot of kids that doesn’t want to let go of their parents at first day of school that even lasts for the whole week. I think we just need to assure them that we are there when they need and go and make fun memories together with other kids their age. It’s satisfying to see your child with a big smile after school and I know most parents are looking forward to that everyday.

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