Fingers out of the mouth Please!

My 7 month old baby is teething and has being doing so for a couple of months now. He shows the typical signs of teething with the flushed cheeks and non stop dribbling *thank god for dribble bibs*, he puts everything he can get his hands onto into his mouth. It was only the other day that i caught him chewing on his buggy’s tyres and yes it wasn’t long since we had been walking the dirty streets of Dagenham with it so it probably had all sorts over it, there was definitely remnants of mud from our walk in the park YUK! I know, gross eh! I pulled him away while telling him no and wiped his mouth out with a baby antibacterial mouth wipe.

Now i know that he needs to feel something on his gums to ease the pain but there is one thing that i can not stand is people placing their fingers into his mouth so that he can chew on them while telling me ‘Oh look he’s teething! He’s having a good chew on my hand’, It really does make my blood boil, i cringe at the thought of it. Why would anyone think it is acceptable to place there grotty dirty hands into someone elses child’s mouth, I have no idea where their hands have been and they probably wouldn’t be able to remember either. Just think of all the germs that they are transferring into his innocent little mouth.

I know germs are everywhere and are impossible not to pick up but i don’t put my own fingers into his mouth. Fingernails harbour the most bacteria found on the hand, also found are the bacteria that causes E. coli, salmonella and gastrointestinal problems,
so why would you feel the need to place it into a baby’s mouth. You wouldn’t just go up to another adult and place your fingers into their mouth’s, could you imagine what they would say and do to you.

So please if my child is teething and wants to chew on something, think of the bacteria, think of how as a parent i would feel and just reach for his teether and give him that instead.





2 thoughts on “Fingers out of the mouth Please!

  1. Ewwww, tha’s horrid. I can’t imagine sticking my fingers in a child’s mouth. I only do that to my own if I’m rubbing Calgel on his gums. I think my boy would bite them if they tried, anyway.

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