Fields of Strawberries

We picked the boys up from school and headed towards Chelmsford to Lathcoats Farm where we was going to meet up with our friends and their children. we was doing our yearly visit to the farm to do our strawberry picking, It is something we have done for the past 4 years and we always do it on the same day. It started of as a birthday surprise for me from Daddy and the boys as i love strawberries and always talk about going strawberry picking with my family as a child, which i have fond memories of doing. I remember sneakily eating the strawberries by pretending to cough but instead placing a nice juicy strawberry in my mouth, I can remember the taste and how i thought i was going to caught doing it. I’m sure the owners of the field knew what i was doing as i was a dead give away with all the strawberry juice down my top and smeared all over my face lol.

Anyway now we do as it as a family and always on the same day 13th July, rain or shine we will be there. The children love to run around and pick their own, they enjoy being with their friends and take pleasure in eating all their strawberries that they have picked with their own little fingers. This year the field was very muddy so we wore our wellies and donned our rain coats and spent half an hour walking round the fields searching for nice big juicy strawberries and I am quite sure that the odd one may have fell into the boys mouths too (sshh dont tell anyone!) Could you imagine being the height of the boys and every way you turn all you can see is strawberries? Joseph was just the right height that he could see all of the fruit just hanging down.

The farm also has donkeys, rabbits and chickens to look at, Jak was playing on the picnic fields with a little red ball and the chickens wanted to play football with him, they chased him around and Joseph got all upset because he thought they were going to hurt his big brother, bless him! Oliver just wanted to grab them, im not sure what he thought they were but he was quite taken with them.

We all had lots of fun and i now have a fridge full of redcurrants and strawberries, i think i may be making some jam with some of them 🙂

Thank you for reading x


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