February Sunshine Award

Ok this is the third time i have written this as it seems today is not my day with working on computers, i get to the end of the post and it disappears, vanishes never to be seen again.

So heres hoping after a little scream and a few tears shed, its going to be third time lucky, otherwise i am going to be having a hole in my window where this laptop went through.


I have been tagged by the lovely fellow blogger and soon to be mummy, a real mummy diary  is writing 30 posts in 30 days, go take a look, go on Gives you nudge.

Ok she has awarded me the ‘february sunshine award’ and it couldn’t have come at a better time, sick of the cold and ice i need a bit of sunshine to brighten up my day, especially after the day im having today!

All i have to do is answer the following questions and then pass on the award to some more fellow lovely bloggers

FAVOURITE COLOUR: Green! I love the colour especially the nice bright tone, i think it brings out the blueness of my eyes. It reminds me of the country.

FAVOURITE ANIMAL: Horse! They are magnificent creatures and if i had enough money and space i would own one. They have lovely smooth fur, gorgeous faces and muscular bodies. I like the way they gallop, i could watch them all day long.

FAVOURITE NON-ALCOHOLIC DRINK: Coffee! My day would not function without my usual dose of caffeine from a milky coffee. I was lucky to receive a beautiful gift of coffee syrups from a friend a christmas, which i use in my cafetière. The smell is lush and my partner and myself enjoy a lovely cup of flavoured coffee on a saturday morning before the rush of taking our son from club to club.

FACEBOOK OR TWITTER: I have never been a fan of either to tell you the truth and facebook has the cause of many arguments in my house and has brought quite a bit of misery. So i will say twitter, i have only really been using it for the past couple of months although i did sign up 2 years ago. I am just getting used to it and now understand what a hashtag is lol

FAVOURITE NUMBER: I don’t really have a favourite or lucky number so have never really thought of it, but i guess i would say the number 3. I have 3 beautiful boys who i adore so much.

presses save draft before  any more mishaps occur

FAVOURITE DAY OF THE WEEK: Friday! TGIF. It’s the last week day and the day before the weekend, once i collect my boys from school i know i have them for a whole two days! Plus it’s ‘Fish and Chips’ day.

MY PASSION: When i was a young girl i had a passion for fashion and went onto study it at college and university but now i have a family my passion would be my boys. Once giving birth my life changed for the better and i wouldn’t even begin to think of how my life would be without them.

GIVING OR RECEIVING PRESENTS: Its got to be giving! I like to think people see as a caring person and i love to make someones day by giving them gifts. I like to go out shopping and choosing presents for people, it makes me feel happy.

FAVOURITE PATTERN: Since learning about William Morris whilst at college studying fashion i fell in love with his prints.

I do also like a good check, especially the check shirts that my boys wear.

FAVOURITE FLOWER: My OH first bought me Lillies 9 years ago, up until then my favourite flower was a rose, but i must admit lillies leave a strong fresh aroma in my living room and they are gorgeous looking. They definitely brighten the house up and Yes he does still buy them for me.

Thats it! Now to pass on the Sunshine Award to some others and hopefully brighten up their day!

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Mummyofmanytalents Talented mummy who also blogs about aspergers A Boy with Aspergers and has 3 gorgeous children

Expatbabyadventures Mummy and Blogger who lives in Holland, I love reading her posts about her everyday live over there. Very funny!


4 thoughts on “February Sunshine Award

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  2. Thanks for the tag. It’ll be a pleasure to take part. I share your coffee fixation – I was a tea drinker until my little one arrived but then moved on to the hard stuff. Have any of your sons inherited your passion for fashion? Or maybe they’re too young yet? Could be something you could share with them in the future. x

    1. They love their fashion, they chose their own clothes and are very trendy. They love their hats, bowler hats, trilby hats, flat caps but just not baseball hats.
      I shall have to do a post on their clothes they are more trendier than me x

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