Facing my fear! 76/365

It’s been months since I last sat in the drivers seat and driven the car, I blogged in the new year that my New Years resolution was to face my fear driving and to try and get out in the car.

Whilst out with the family today and on our way back from Costco Paul pulled into Sporthouse (our local sport centre) and he asked me to turn the car round whilst he went into the centre to enquire about something, I didn’t do too bad with the reversing but I couldn’t get it into the parking space. After a few attempts I gave up and just sat there like a numpty with my back end sticking out, luckily we wasn’t on a main road!


I drove the car back to our house which is about a mile away, I started panicking when I came to a space in the road where two cars wouldn’t fit through and I noticed another car coming towards me, Paul told me calm down and just wait until a gap within the cars became available for me to fit through, I managed to get us back home all in one piece although I hyperventilated all the way back!


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  1. Oh very well done.
    Have you ever been on a website called 2pass – they are very good.
    I passed my test on my 7th time and hardly drive because of my fear.

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