Today has been a very trying day for me, my baby is teething and is really suffering. I really feel for him and all the pain he is going through but i’ve just about had enough of the crying and moaning, there seems to be nothing i can do to help him and believe me i have tried everything. He is moaning and moaning and im cuddling him and soothing him but all i want to do is go into another room and close the door to it all (i will not do this do not worry) . I used to be a really chilled out relaxed person before i had children and all of a sudden i get stressed too quickly, i cry alot and just feel like screaming, i really have had enough. Some days i feel like i cant cope and that i am doing a rubbish job of being a mummy, everything seems to loud and echoing and i feel like i am not here, Am i not the one who is meant to soothe my children and help them instead i feel like i am causing his pain, if only i could stop him from crying!

This feeling doesn’t last long but its long enough for me to cry uncontrollably, yes i do have 3 children and yes it is hard bringing them up and i do want the best for them but i look at other mummies and they are doing a much better job than me, why cant i be more like them?

I do not have much time for myself, i am surrounded by my children 24/7 which i love but sometimes i would like just 5 minutes peace on my own, without having to be mummy and just to be Angela and to be honest i no longer know who Angela is anymore! I’m just the woman who wakes up, looks after the children, takes them to clubs, does the cleaning, pays the bills and does the cooking. Sometimes i feel unappreciated and feel so needed. I feel that if i have some minutes to myself and that i am being selfish and taking time away from my children (i blog from my phone, whilst holding baby, cooking, even walking down the street)

My children give me so much and i want to give just as much back to them, i want them to remember a happy childhood not one of a tearful, stressy mummy. is it normal to feel like this?

I have finally got some peace and got baby to sleep and its 10:30pm, i wonder how long this will last!


6 thoughts on “Enough!

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  2. It’s no wonder you feel stressed and tearful now and again. You have three lively boys to look after. Plus, you manage to do it with very little sleep. I’ve seen lots of photos of your boys and they look so happy and so well cared for, I don’t think you need worry about not doing enough for them. You’re a fab mummy and there’s nothing wrong with wanting and needing a bit more time for yourself. Personally, I’m wouldn’t function half as well as you with so much to do and so little sleep. Give yourself a massive pat on the back. You’re brill xx

  3. Oh Angela, I can understand how you feel although it was 5 years ago and I only had 2 children when Chubbs was a baby I found it so hard Taylor wasn’t settling at all well at Nursery, and my baby cried most of the day and night, I felt like a zombie, would cry at everything at times I used to look around me and think that every other mum was role model material and then there was me clinging on to my sanity (or at least that is how it felt sometimes at the time) the trouble is I never spoke about it to anyone I thought people would think I was a bad mum if they knew, which is rubbish and I look back on it and wished that I had, as most mum’s feel like that at some point!. Angela thank you so much for sharing your feelings because hopefully someone will ready your blog and realise that it is quite normal, and I can promise you that you ARE an amazing mum!! and your boys ARE a credit to you and trust me when I say you give so much quality time to your young men that any tearful moments will be forgotten in a heartbeat. One last thing to me you ARE Angela and someone that I am very proud to call my friend (and I would lay my life on the line and bet that everyone who knows you would say the same), love Dawn xxxx

    1. Aaw Dawnie I’m crying here but not through stress but because of your kind words. It is so hard struggling with time, 3 children and teething and I do feel on my own but I do know that if I really need help I have my fab friends around me with thanks to your comment.
      We never really know what others are thinking or going through because we all seem to think we need to be brick Walls to hold the family together.
      I’m Honoured your my friend, I’ve never met anyone as kind as you x

  4. I know exactly how you feel and I only have 2 running me ragged. Don’t be fooled by appearances. Other Mums might seem cool, calm and collected but there’s no way they can keep that up 24/7. I’ve taken up volunteering to support Mum’s who want to breastfeed and am always asked how I manage when I have the boys but I find a way because it keeps me sane. I’m not Mummy or provider of all things baby for a few hours a week and its fab.
    I can recommend a good nights sleep too.
    I always end up staying up too late just because its the only alone time I get every day but then I’m less than enthusiastic when I’m being woken up at 7am by a whinging toddler.
    Hugs and love
    Kate xxx

    1. Thank you for the comment and the reassurance that I’m not on my own in feeling this way. Wish I could get a good nights sleep, I do volunteer at the boys school for a couple of hours a week but missed it this week due to my boy being ill maybe that’s why i have been feeling the pressure worse this past week x

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