Easter Egg Hunt 87/365

The sun was shining so We ventured out today to our local park, some local residents had organised Easter Activities for the children to enjoy.

There was an Easter Egg hunt where you searched for egg shaped paper which were stuck on the trees containing questions that needed to be answered. We wrote down our answers and handed our piece of paper in return the boys received a chocolate egg.


There was lots of other things to do too like hopperz races, face painting, t shirt designing, making bird feeders, tombola and a craft stall. All of the activities were free apart from the face painting, they were even giving out tea and coffee and goody bags to the children.

The boys thoroughly enjoyed themselves and even though it was very cold and I couldn’t feel my fingers it was worth it just be out in the fresh air.


Spring Carnival

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


13 thoughts on “Easter Egg Hunt 87/365

  1. good to make the hunt last longer and seems a much fairer way too and i like the idea of making them work for their chocolate loot at the end and not just find eggs x

  2. Sounds like a wonderful Easter Activities. What a great idea for the kids to find and answer a question! So much nicer than the egg grab where some kids get all and others get nothing.

  3. I love things organised in the local community! I suffer with the really cold fingers too but sometimes you just got to do what you got to do šŸ™‚

  4. A lovely idea to hide the clues not the eggs. We are having a hunt here tomorrow and I just asked my kids what they thought, I can’t budge them from finding the eggs themselves but I’m still thinking of a bonus prize that is paper clue driven! Thanks for sharing on Country Kids.

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